photo Amir
Amir Arbaban,


Name: Amir Hossein
Family Name: Arbaban Ghafouri Sh.

Date of Birth: 09 Aug 1959

Residence: Spain, Baleares. Palma de Mallorca.

work: Iran, Tehran.

Mob Spain : +34601398470

Mob Iran: +989123133604

Marital States: Married with Two Sons.

Summary of Position held & most of the important achievements:
Bilingua Tourist Guide. English & Spanish

1- Founder of Iran Tourist Guide Association
2- Secretary of ITGA 2003 – 2006
3- President of ITGA 2006 – 2011


Logo ITGA designed by Amir Arbaban

Also a member of World Federation of Tourist Guides Association.



4- Chairman of Poonel Tour & Travel : 2003 – 2016


Aria Poonel Tour.


5- Managing Director of Khashayar Saman Institute of Tourism 2009 – 2016



6- Author of Advance Tour Management known as “NHTV”
7- Author of the Book of Advance Tour Management for Education of the Tourist Guide.
8- Translator & Interpreter.
9- Photographer & Graphic Designer

Philosophy of Life !

Life is a Transaction of Give & Take….

I believe in Goodness that lies within the life itself.
Up to now, life has allowed me to have a glimpse of all the goodness life has to offer, some hard some easy.

As a friend said to me: Life gave you a rare chance to plant the seed of friendship in different countries, to be able to go back & enjoy the seed you had planted, in the future.

As a Tourist guide I have had rare moments in my life to enjoy,
the moments of life are passing us by and we don’t realize it until it is gone:


Time like an ever rolling sand of time
Ran through my fingers.
Moments gone
Moments lost.
Cherish it as if there is none other…
Capture it with Love….
Life is beautiful
Beautiful Moments
Are Breeze of air
Remember it with Joy
While it lasts
a Moment….

Good Luck to All.