The Time Traveler’s 

Arrival airport. Factorize luggage,

Now you have your visa. Ready to travel.

Arrival to the airport. Factorize your luggage, take your sit in the plane.



Arrival to Tehran Airport:

(Imam Khomeini International Airport:  IKIA )

Arrival airport

“Arriving to the destination. Go through Customs. Stamp in your passport. “

there is a booth for the foreign travelers, stand in that queue.

After the process of the customs, pick up your luggage at the luggage belt.

Your guide will be waiting and if you are traveling with a group, you will need to regroup.


The bus ride & Tourist Guide responsibility: 

The guide will introduce himself and the bus driver.

He will tell you a short explanations about Tehran and what the program for the next day will be.

The guide will show you where you will have breakfast & tell you what time the program will start.


Depends on your program. You will visit two sites in the morning & two sites in the afternoon.

The guide will adjust the visits according to the map of the city. He may rearrange the program is such a way that it will not tire the group .

The information he will provide for you:

The History.

The philosophy and the reasons behind the structures

The Art .

He will add his own interpretation of the site. Once the site seeing is finished he will allow you to go around enjoying the information received.

Nowadays the groups will want to experience the program. That is why they arrive prepared and the tourist guide seems to be taking an examination on the tour. Never the less it helps the tourist guides as they have a well knowledged clients. The Tours to Iran is a highly sophisticated tours. This means the clientele are in highly educated of each society, which gives an added value to the Iranian Market.

It helps the sustainability of Tourism Industry of Iran and people will appreciate the world Heritage we offer to the world.