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Tourism is the only industry in which you have to be Healthy and Wealthy to be able to Travel. No other industry has such a wish for anyone. 

People traveling will see the world through the eyes of a tourist guide & that is the most beautiful view one can have! The tourist guide will only see the best and the perfect in each…  So, Welcome and enjoy your trip!

what is the difference between the tourist guide? & tour leader:

A tourist Guide,

informs the group about different information that they are seeking when they visit a place.

The information varies, it may contain social economic or political, customs, clothing, Food, social Geographical aspect of a country or society.

A Tour Leader,

will concentrate on the aspect of the functions of the group, Checking in or checking out, Lunch or dinner and all the needs of the group. Will, make sure the program runs smoothly and his or her aim is the comfort of the group.


The Iranian Tourist Guide has a very different role in this matter. Due to the fact that Iran is somewhat different from most of the other countries, the Iranian Tourist Guide will perform the tow job at the same time.

One + Two Roles in one body:

Well, when the group arrives, normally a person who will receive the group is the Tourist guide himself unless the company decides to do the transfer with a Tour leader, the group will not see him again. His responsibility is to check the group into the hotel and then to go home.

Job description: 

The Job description of the Iranian tourist guide has two aspect. 

A: Tourist Guide:  He or She will be staying with the group and explain all the aspect of the Iranian Culture & Society for the group in their respective language.

B: Tour Leader: The responsibility of a Tour Leader is to be with the group and see to their operational needs, such as Lunch, Dinner. Room services and should there be a problem, to solve it. Basically to take care of their needs.


City of Abyaneh, Iran

If you wait for the Perfect Moment. The Perfect moment will pass you by. People sacrifice the present for the future. But life is only available in the Present. Enjoy your moment…

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