Work Experience from 1989 to 2016




1995 – 1997>
I started in the tourism industry as a Tourist Guide. I worked with many inbound Tour Operator.
1997 – 2001
After being awarded the license for Tour Guiding by the Ministry of Islamic Guidance,
I realized that the tourist guide had no identity! Started to search to set up and create the Identity needed.
I formed my own Tour operation in Holland with the name of “Iran Reizen”, that has been functional until 2015.

2001- 2003
After the 11th of Sep, the formation of tourist guides Association took a very strong position and gave us the ability to find the path to form the Association.
On the 26th of July 2003 the first Association of the tourist guides after a long two-year process was formed.



The Logo of ITGA:

It has been chosen from the Achaemenian hand in the National Museum. This hand is holding the Lotus Flower in Blue color in a circle.
.The meaning of the Logo of ITGA:
The Round circle: Represents the circle of life, the Sun
The Lotus: The Flower is the representation of all the goodness of life, Femininity & Masculinity
The Hand: Represents connection, friendship.
The Aim: Since the Tourist Guides are the Cultural Ambassador of Iran, with their logo as their identity they offer their hand with a very Special Flower to the world.

2003 – 2005
After the registration of ITGA, with the license of NHTV university. formulate the short term course for the tourist guides.
In the election of the Association I was elected as the Secretary General of ITGA.
After 3 years , ITGA signed an agreement for the National Insurance.
The Organization to Tourism of Iran to pay for the premium of the Tourist guides’ insurance.The sum of equivalent to 100.000 $ and later another 50.000 $ was also awarded.

I received the certificate along with the Trophy below for ITGA being one of the Best Association of the Tourist Guide by the Organization of Tourism. It was awarded on the International Tourism Day and signed by the Head of the Organization of Tourism of Iran.



An award on the International Day of Tourism for the one of best Association for the Tourist Guide´s of Iran.

2005 – 2006
In the election I was elected the President of the ITGA. During this year ITGA became the 35th Member of WFTGA (World Federation of Tourist Guide Association).

2006 – 2011
ITGA was able to insure 150 Tourist guide´s National insurance, also register a Housing Cooperative.


Logo of the Institute of Khashayar Saman. A Lotus flower which represents the Iranina Hisotry and the Sun in the middle meaning life

Khashayar Saman Institute of Tourism
Registered to teach & prepare the Tour Guides for tourism Industry.
Teaching the advanced course using the NHTV

In 2011, as the President of ITGA attended the Convention of WFTGA.

2012 – 2016
Moved to Spain, set up Foxan Arian Ltd.


This year, we aim to set up more of business tourism and work in this field. I believe that when trade goes to another country, it will help sustain tourism.